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Scratch's Formigas
- Little scratch game (formigas) : The best project I got to show so far (if you dig deep inside)!

2012 - 2013
P3D's mobile player : Made on Unity3D, by far my favourite programming platform.

- Fleury a+ : Typed in all AS3.

MI Soundtracks : Fixed few things on AS3.

Abandoned Unity 3D wip : Little physics engine made on top of a template.

- trefnoc : A conversion tool in python, which today is probably good for nothing. Except here you can see how I can write code beautifully from long ago.

2005 - 2009
I got nothing to show here. I just struggled a lot. 2005 I worked as tech support. 2006 I tried to go back to university, and failed. 2007 I've worked with embedded systems. 2008 I've tried to work as flight attendant, and failed. 2009 I worked with more tech support and began working with Unity 3D, mostly studying.

- : I'm very proud of this, but it does require some explanation.
It was build in less than 2 months together with the company and a web designer. I've programmed the whole site and SO system for the intranet and it is one big reason that keeps their business going for this long, because they rely on that system for every Service Order they process.

So this is good to show how I can do some really consistent stuff (it's still working today in 2014 since 2004) in such a short period and with so little resources.

1996 - 2004
Other than my first game, "formigas" (original version in the link below, new version already made in scratch on the top), I got nothing. For same reasons I got no portfolio yielded by all my jobs: building intranets, sites for others that don't exist anymore, projects made in old languages that are hard to re-do or compile nowadays, etc.

For a more detailed resume (curriculum vitae), please look at stackoverflow careers.
And for more details about myself and my personality, maybe you could read my blog.
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