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A little background in portuguese

About 1 year ago I went to Europe, on my expanded 2 months vacations. One great thing I learned there is I don't want to learn french anymore.

I really disliked France. People there were mostly nice, as they are anywhere with tourists. But the small number that are really bad with foreigns is quite a bigger number there than any other place I've ever visited. It's amazing.

Now my "tripping" plan became a "moving" plan. I'm looking for ways I can move to a better place and it will be easier if it's an english speaking country, since it's my only second language. So primary focus are UK, US and NZ. But I'd love Netherlands as well, for instance.

For now, I can only see 1 way. Finding a good job. That's because I want to bring my partner along... Yeah, it won't be easy.