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Imagine how hard it is for a newcomer employee to understand how a complicated software works and, on the first day, have to deal with an angry customer and a screen bloated with unorganized information. Now imagine how difficult it is to a company that have 1% out of the millions of customers calling every day or going on site to complain about anything, or even just plain needing some valid support, which leads the human resources to hire enough people, that can easily go up to thousands, just to be able to give the proper customer support. Maybe you don't need to imagine as this is a common picture. Way too many companies have poor Customer Manager Relationship tools.

There are millions of dollars being spend in United States alone to implement softwares in hospitals so medics can keep track of their patients. But there are studies showing how there is absolutely zero savings associated with all that "computerization" for about 4000 hospitals on the research. That is a huge bottleneck.

To implement SAP, the world's top CRM, it takes at least 6 months of training. It is important and required both for teaching methodologies and software usage. That's valid. But the simple and basic operations are also too complicated which require some training as well. Without that the software becomes almost useless. This whole training process is another bottleneck.

Many cheap CRM solutions on the market are just not enough for many companies. They are too simple, too small and do too little to effectively provide any help. They focus too much in the financial aspects of the company and too little in the customer.

It is easy for anyone who ever called a customer service to tell there is still no solution able to properly help us all, the costumers.

There comes CRM3DTN (Temporary Name)

The idea is to create an application which will take advantage of every technology available. Making an immersive software that will be easy and compeling to use. To do that it means going 3D as well as building an Artificial Intelligence able to feed tasks to and for the user. It will optimize the information and open a new job sector in which it will ask help from users to learn with them. Let's call it "AI feeders". Eventually it will be able to provide good challenges to users and we might even be able to, in some company cases, ask for help from internet volunteer contributors willing to join in.

The 3D interface will exist initially for 2 things: the AI feeders; and any system operator, such as the customer support person. That will be great to browse data very quickly, since it's visual. For instance, each customer could have an identity and visual objects attached to them. Then we can just click and see what's relevant. When going to the next costumer, similar objects would have similar colors and shape. Later the simple geometry will become more natural looking as the system grows turning them into avatars based on photos and so on.

Of course, all that will be completed with good, simple, fast and trivial 2D interfaces. This will be a complete CRM solution, but not at first.

The Plan, Costs and Risk

We plan to capture the client investment within the first 6 months and develop 2 products side by side. The first one will be a simple AI to solve an arbitrary immediate issue, such as filtering emails in an intelligent fashion. The second one will be the CRM3D, which will learn from the first and teach to it as well. The cost for this "stage zero" and the first product is calculated at about U$30 thousand.

Results from the main product are planned to come only in the 4th year and in the 5th year there might be already some return from that initial investment, calculated to be at about a U$3 million liquid (converted from R$ today). The growth for the 6th year is exponential from that and, in an ideal scenario, it could reach a significant percentage of the whole market in a couple more years.

The final product should be sold based on the client's income. A cheaper version will be available based on the client's size, i.e. number of employees. There will be 3 stages, in the final stage we will need investment to distribute it as the first 60 days will always be available as a free trial. At this stage, to help propagation, it should integrate with existing CRM systems but work independently. That will also give insights from other solutions and learn with them.

Bottom line, this is an ambitious project and this will be our first entrepreneur attempt. We are a small team of highly specialized people who know how to plan and execute software development, art and design really well and we are willing to defeat all those challenges.
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