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Stage Zero should take about 6 months. This is where the project must take off. Minimum investment is required here and nothing will be ready for selling yet. The goal is to attract investment from the future client. The product will be a sample from Artificial Intelligence showing how it can help by doing minor tasks such as filtering email through behavioral learning.

1st stage will take approximately 2 years. There must be an investment to begin with an office and equipment for basically 5 dedicated people. It will cost something around U$40 thousand per month. The progress should be visible month by month and reported weekly, since the very beginning. For the first couple months, everyone must add some personal investment and move in closer to the office. This will be a long ride after all. The alpha product from stage zero will be maintained and integrated. This stage will be basically programming the core, the CRM3D kernel, which includes the AI and making something visual which will trail how the 3D part will look like. This kernel will then be adapted to work with tickets, feedback and will auto-grow in a self monitored learning.

2nd stage will take 1 year and it will depend on finding clients who want it and their needs. The first modules will be custom made to them, for a free while in beta. The company must grow now and already have CRM3D implemented in itself with a commercial sector for reaching out our clients.

3rd stage starts around the 4th year and it will basically keep the work from 2nd stage, only bringing at least 1 final product out of beta to be out to sell. New company growth here, and it should begin to be self sustained.

All support to our clients should be close to zero. The system must "just work". Customers will naturally request close attention and we must provide them with the best customer support experience they ever had, based on our software. But that should not require many specialized people. It could even be volunteers who just want to try the immersive software, always headed by a leader of our choice.