Since I'm not and never will be a celebrity of any sort, quite often I got distrusted by people. Maybe my arabic look adds to people first judgement on me, thanks to the current wave of terrorism and stuff.

I wonder how I could, in the other hand, trust other people I don't know? I do know that I am trustable. I do everything I can to be. Can't say I'm perfect, but if you don't screw up, I certainly won't. Anyway, today I figured there must be a way to build a web service to gather info from people and make them more easily accessible for others to verify each other themselves.

I just want here to throw out an idea. And then hope to see it get developed. Because I most probably will never have the resources to do it myself. Maybe because, after all, it's a bad idea, bad timing or it is lacking something regardless. Maybe I'm just being too bold.

The more info is gathered, the more matches can be done. The closer someone is from you, the more likely you can understand them, and trust. Eventually learn to understand who's not that close as well. And I'm talking about private stuff, so this is most likely not for everyone nowadays.

- Where have I been, when and what I did there.
- How much money do I earn, what I do with it, how I got it.

Sure, it will be sensitive data. But just as much as someone bad could do something terrible with this, good hearted people will also be able to help out. That's not the point anyway.

The point is being able to get somewhere I'm usually not trusted, point the person to a website or two and if that guard is already used to it, I can get quickly verified.

Yeah, today this is probably nonsense anyway. I'll try writing more or re-doing this later on.